Good all right here for beta tester for QuickBooks Tulsa right brought to you by the company. We make sure we’re able to help you navigate the world of the payroll protection program and also getting this second round of stimulus checks. That is what we maintain for another point we have been the most successful accounting firm in Tulsa and the other metro areas. The shift is your first time actually visiting us maybe this is your first to remember hearing about us to schedule free consultation fresh failed to take a look under your financial hood make sure is actually working the way it should and also allowing you to look ahead rather than in your rearview mirror.

So more questions about beta tester for QuickBooks Tulsa has to be from Hood and Associates CPAs, PC. We actually are offering a one-hour planning session we can schedule it now. Also, we have the business owners package as well as auditing and accounting and even tax returns. So the connection safety 50% off of your tax preparation services that connect to help you maximize your tax deductions so we can actually schedule it for you now we also give you a copy of Warren Buffett’s book called snowball for free just the best information animal contact to get it sent to an address looks best for you.

Out with us here at Hood and Associates CPAs, PC it’s not so much about you know how much money you make that is not necessary that it’s more about how much money we keep. So rather than paying out more toggle sending you actually need to do is have an accountant on your side to give a fresh perspective on your finances. So call her for a good now and then on we know where we can actually help people keep more save more and protect more. Of course, we want you to see how much we can actually save you these taxis but also save you money on them in like investments in other accounting avenues.

So, see what all the fuss is about to sit down with one E-certified public accountants on the staff around to see how they can put your stuff together. All might seem overwhelming at some time maybe it is the thought of gathering receipts that just make you want to vomit but this is where all are accountants here at Hood and Associates CPAs, PC thrive on. About helping you organize so we can handle all the receipts.

Six calls at 512-255-7110 for more information about the company and then you can also find us on there and look up a beta tester for QuickBooks Tulsa and get it all right here keep more save more protect more of your money by coming over to Hood and Associates CPAs, PC to work on your accounting taxes and financial services. Also, schedule a one-hour planning session or the free consultation today that $350 value so you don’t want to miss out on a deal like that.

What Makes Beta tester for QuickBooks Tulsa Services Stand Out?

Begin saving now with beta tester for QuickBooks Tulsa brought to you by Hood and Associates CPAs, PC. But we can help you not just make more money but also keep more money during this tax season. We also can go as far as the actual city 50% of your tax preparation services and maximizing your deductions. And it all to start with a simple 60 minute for one-hour consultation today for free and this is usually valued at $350 to deftly can get a value out of it and it’s different to be worth your time to be able to sit down with one of our certified public accountants.

Also if you want to be able to read more maybe want to be able to take advantage of getting a free book written by warm Buffett called snowball use this simply have to leave your name phone number and email click submit and then a member of our team oxen get a hold of you and find the best address for you to vamps in that book to as soon as possible. We are located here in Tulsa reaches also have a Bartlesville location thesis and springs and we are continually growing our business and we actually just extended into Texas. Silver a lot of times taking over struggling accounting firms in revamping it. Now it is time for a beta tester for QuickBooks Tulsa from Hood and Associates CPAs, PC.

If you are curious about attending one of our successful financial workshops are next workshop is actually March 19 this year from 8 AM in the morning to 3 PM in the afternoon located at the very own home of Paul hood the owner and founder of Hood and Associates CPAs, PC. If you want to be able to get if you want to RSVP you simply got a call at 512-255-7110 you can also do that by actually emailing us as well. This is essential to help you learn to be financially successful also get free food and also you can tour the 25,000 square-foot home of founders of Hood and Associates CPAs, PC Paul hood. This is deathly a great way to learn especially if you want to be able to kill it in the business world and be successful.

And all attendees with a financial workshop if you want to see what their feedback was after tending I was actually got videos on their website for Hood and Associates CPAs, PC and you just click of it is in the military kind of what their thoughts were of the financial workshop. We understand that accounting and taxes is not a fun subject especially if you do not like math here Paul hood can definitely make it stand out for you as well as attendees you have a fun time just being able to learn how to be more financially proactive.

So calls for more information about beta tester for QuickBooks Tulsa and begin saving now keep more save more protect morbid financial assets and have more money to be able to put towards your dream car or buying that dream home. If you are someone who is new to the small business world and be able to have a little extra help make sure you get your business off the benefit of your one-hour planning session with us. Called 512-255-7110 to go to now.