These CPAs Bixby started his business because of a couple of different reasons. First reason is that they saw people were ill-informed and very good people were losing a lot of money more rapidly and did not know the simple principles that were needed in order to budget and live according to any budget that might be there. This made us extremely sad and we really want to provide a type of outlet for all these people so that they would have a place to go where they could get sound advice and not get screwed over.

Now, we have always been good with numbers but we have not always been CPAs Bixby. We always clear, organize, and very good with numbers for most of our life. We always we’re going to do something with numbers but we do not we were not very financially independent or successful in the very beginning or even much towards the middle. We went through a lot of different situations and a lot of different storms but sometimes the best way to learn something is to go through a storm and come out the other side. That is where true strength is made.

We’ll see ourselves as just CPAs Bixby but rather we see ourselves as people who just want to help out other people and other businesses who are on their way out or family. We know that there are so many simple principles that can be applied that would help so much. Of course there are more complicated solutions and things that, but if a lot of the simple principles are applied then people would be in a lot better shape overall and it would be able to save their home, business, or whatever else.

We realize that so many others were trying to copy different plans drawn for the orchestra. They were trying to fit their life into a plan that was already set and we realize that interest does not work like that. We need to do is build the plan around you and your specific income. This is the only makes sense to do it because otherwise it would not fit in there and it would not make any sense in both the short or long run.

So, once we were able to follow these simple principles ourselves, along with learning a bunch of other principles, we came through that storm and we went to the other side emerging much stronger and more common than ever. At a certain point when you reach the pinnacle of something you realize it is kind of into there by yourself so you want to take some people with you. Our mission is to and help people with their dreams and helping them with their finances is something that allows for that. Unfortunately, everything runs up finances so that is the avenue in which we need to take in order to make things happen. That is just the way it is and there’s nothing we can really change about that. Visit us online on or call 9187477000.