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If you’re looking to find the best CPAs in Bixby, then you’ll be happy to know that your search is come to an end. Hood and Associates CPAs is an outstanding planning and consulting CPA firm. We offer many different types of services such as accounting services, tax preparation, as well as finance management and insurance analysis. So, you might be wondering how exactly our services work? That is a great question next?

We are often contacted for our our tax planning and preparation. Our customers from far and wide reach out to us for our tax preparation service. They reach out to us that Hood and Associates CPAs because they know that we are to provide them with the best possible service in every single way. They know that we are going to not take advantage of them by charging them an arm and a leg to prepare their forms they also know that you’re going to get them the best possible tax return that they can get. For the service we have many repeat customers, but we reach out early every year to make sure we are able to contact our customers and get the necessary information we need for their forms. When we have all the necessary information and documents that we need, then we prepare the forms and then have our customers sign physically or digitally to file.

Another offer services that we frequently provide is financial management. We want our customers not only to build to manage their finances well, but we want them to get the best types of investments and returns. We offer the service because we all are customers to do well and be able to enjoy life as much as possible. In fact, that is one of the reasons that our business exists overall. We have the knowledge, connections, and skill to go to help our customers not only manage their finances, but also the place investments. This not only goes for individuals, but also families and businesses. We want all the individuals and businesses to do as well as they can possibly do. So when we sit down their customers, we discussed the finances they have, as well as the their individual or business goals they want to achieve.

So if you’re looking find the best CPAs in Bixby, not only do we do tax preparation and financial planning, but we also do business consulting. We have many small businesses, local and nonlocal alike, come to us not because they lack the funds to get started, but they have goals they want to make sure they are doing everything correctly for their businesses to be successful. They want help on accountability which is why they come to us as certified public accountants. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the service and help out businesses reach out and serve those in the community and country.

So if you were trying to find the best CPAs in Bixby, then you found us. Hood and Associates CPAs ready and willing to help with tax preparation, accounting services, as well as finance management for individuals and businesses alike. We love to serve, so let us serve you! Call us today at 918-747-7000 or reach out to us online at!