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What services do we provide here at Hood and Associates CPAs, PC? We are QuickBooks certified therefore we can provide you quotes as well as give you financial workshop advice because we are located not only in Tulsa but also Bartlesville Claremore Catoosa Sand Springs as well as round rock Texas. So if you’re looking to be able to and maybe is your first time using our services or accounting firm you can schedule a first time free consultation with us. You also find us on Facebook twitter and also on YouTube.

Here at Hood and Associates CPAs, PC we pride ourselves and always offering the ability to bail look under your financial hood as well as tell you more about as if you are business owner tell you more about this second round of stimulus checks or even dealing with the PayPal protection program. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and allow us to be able to transform your accounting I actually providing you look to be able to provide you a look under their financial to make sure everything is running properly in your business or just in your personal life. To get started today with us now.

I’m Hood and Associates CPAs, PC has been featured on channel 6 Oklahoma zone news channel as well as been featured in the Tulsa world scripts talk radio and also we are accredited business on the Better Business Bureau. We have numerous accounting officials that are willing and ready to help you with you take a look under the hood and provide you with your one hour planning session. He gets into that now and also get a look at our business owners package and also ask us about tax returns and also ask us about our oddity and accounting services.

We make sure they were maintaining a professional atmosphere within her offices as well as being able to be QuickBooks certified so that you know that you’re getting a good deal of working with professionals who know what they’re doing. You can also request your first your free copy of Warren Buffett’s book called snowball and if he does go to the website and her homepage and scroll down the bus your name phone number and email and then click submit and then one of the members of our team here at Hood and Associates CPAs, PC will actually send you that copy of the book. And you can actually begin saving money now if you want save 50% off your tax preparation services and maximize your deductions by scheduling your free 60 minute consultation with us this is over I had a $350 value. So learn more about that today.

For an accounting firm that is QuickBooks certified as well as being to provide you all the accounting services that you could possibly want or need for your business or just for your family and personal use call us at 918-747-7000 a good www.hoodcpas.com now and we can save you more money and keep you more money to keep and more money you make. We can keep help you keep more save more and protect more with us. To cause or go online to www.hoodcpas.com today to learn more about the services them are offering as well as the hundred dollar value ever able to save you right now.

How Can You Learn About Us With Quickbooks Certified?

Keep more and save more with Hood and Associates CPAs, PC because we are the accounting firm that is QuickBooks certified as was able to save you a perspective percent off your tax preparation services. Also left to take let us take a look under the hood and save you some money while also having a 60-minute planning service to where we can keep more money save more money and protect more of your financial assets as time goes on. Reach out to sedate see what we have going on right now.

Here at Hood and Associates CPAs, PC we are QuickBooks certified therefore we have a talented group of accountants who are ready and willing to sit down with you and give you a planning session to be able to go over your tracks tax preparation documents understand more about your tax infections and how to get the maximum amount this year just simply cause at our phone number or go online and you can also get a free copy of four methods book called snowball to sleep the information on the website and click submit and then we will get that sent to you as soon as possible.

If you want to be able to know how much money you can make that also how much money you can keep the season during tax season and a half into paid too much time uncle Sam calls at 918-747-7000 now. We can offer you on tax preparation services by offering you a free 60-minute consultation which on average would actually cost the average person about $350. That you’re getting it for for free. Also we can help you save 50% off your tax preparation. So that’s just more money back in your pocket.

For more about Hood and Associates CPAs, PC and how we actually have decertification such as QuickBooks certified as well as having every accountant owner team the knowledgeable in every single step of the way to make do that. Also you are a Hood and Associates CPAs, PC client and he wanted Bill to go to the website what you need to do right now? Well right now I need to schedule a free one-hour planning session to take a look under the hood of your financial issues whether your business owner or this is for your own personal use.

So call us here at Hood and Associates CPAs, PC and see that we are QuickBooks certified where we can provide you the value as well as help you protect more of your financial assets as well save more money and keep more money while after you have applied your taxes for the year. Possibly want to be able to maximize your tax deduction so you can actually get more back from Uncle Sam. So call us at 918-747-7000 or go to www.hoodcpas.com to learn more today from our company about what we can do for you and how much money we can save you.