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Planning is important especially if you’re looking to be able to be financially successful whether you own a small business or you just individual to have financial goals for this next year. So at more than ever it’s always best to make sure that your business is the best decision possible. So call us here at Hood and Associates CPAs, PC we Bailey here for you and show you our hood QuickBooks certified computer accounting firm. So for financial and accounting workshop as well posted by Paul Hood the owner and founder the company to schedule today. We have our next workshop is Friday, March 19.

So we want to be able to show we want to be able to sit out usually information about how to better understand the purpose of being financially successful and better having the financial tools able to be more successful especially during tax season or dealing with your investment management portfolio. We want to be able to show you the actions at successful people takes better manage their financial portfolios. So counselor QuickBooks certified health as well as get that by following us on Facebook for any additional details or sign up for financial and accounting workshop this coming up this March.

So join us if you want to be able to have a simple learned a simple piece to financial success hosted by our owner and founder Paul Hood at his home. Also we love to be able to show you what can be possible with the great budgeting tips if you just want to have a listen and a question to our money Mondays that we host here on channel 6 news works for you. If you’re looking to be able to pay off student loans or maybe you’re looking to be able to afford more on a minute this next Christmas or be a little more and money back to be able to save on your first home call us today.

If you want an expert advice then choose Paul Hood owner and founder of Hood and Associates CPAs, PC. We want to be able to help you with all your money questions. So I choose the financial expert be chosen certified public accountants in the area as well as for their QuickBooks certified accountants to help you discuss savings bonds for your kids or even supporting a local business or versus national stores and also about charitable giving.

So call us for QuickBooks certified accountants be able to sit down and be able to go to planning for your financial future whether it be your dealing with VS EPP for 2019 or dealing with the COBIT allowance rule. If you have no idea what depraved payroll protection program is to be able to leave you with our Jackson to be able to have to pay back or dealing with our Social Security issues concerns of clients or maybe even having a lesson about being financially smarter being the financially prepared cause or talk to Paul today. To style his number four information or to be able to schedule a one hour look under the hood for free. He saw the number 918-747-7000 or go to www.hoodcpas.com to learn more.

How Can You Find Our Quickbooks Certified Team?

You need our help here at Hood and Associates CPAs, PC, because we are QuickBooks certified we can help taxis and a whole lot you be a lot easier for you for your family or for your business. Especially if you are small business owner and you’re looking to better understand or know your numbers better so they can actually see the purpose of having a successful financial tracking sheet or just doing a number so that you are better prepared to make sure that your payment money and money they need to pay and payroll taxes as well as making sure that you’re not getting gouged.

QuickBooks certified accountants here at Hood and Associates CPAs, PC are waiting to hear from you. So we deftly want to be able to help you in any way possible. That is by actually allowing us to be able to share financial knowledge at our locations. We are located in Sand Springs Bartlesville Tulsa Sand Springs to set as well as we have two locations in round rock Texas just northeast of Austin Texas. There were always having meetings were also having interviews on a news channel 6 to help you get tips and tricks on how to save for retirement even have a simple grocery budget and also making good investments.

So we also want to make sure they were able to thank you and that how we do that actually provides you with a one-hour free consultation able to look under the financial hood. And it’s never too late to save for retirement so we can go over them.great monthly amount is able to save each month able to go towards retirement or being able to go towards the down payment on your first home. So do not forget to tune in to Channel 6 news works for you for money Mondays where Paul Hood the owner and founder of Hood and Associates CPAs, PC goes to share money tips.

Also if you’ve never been to one of our financial workshops we currently hold monthly workshops and we have one upcoming in the month of March this year on Friday, March 19 and if you are a small business owner anyone to be able to have the in amongst a great group of other business owners and join our workshop today and sign up. You sign up by visiting our website or by signing up and registering on our Facebook as well. Because our company continues to grab we want to be able to help as many small business owners as possible. To sign up today for financial and accounting workshop.

Hood and Associates CPAs, PC is a QuickBooks certified company that was able to help you with all your financial needs whether it’s financing or counting or maybe looking to be able to build your own investment portfolio. Or maybe looking to be able to pay off debt on a car or maybe have student loan debt that you’re looking to be able to pay off in a quick amount of time calls or finds that one of our locations. Also find a center Tulsa location by dialing 918-747-7000 or by going to www.hoodcpas.com today to learn more.