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Contact us for services here at Hood and Associates CPAs, PC the premier roundrock Texas QuickBooks certified company. We want to make sure that we can be the one stop shop for all of your tax planning accounting as well as investment management and building up your investment portfolio as well as insurance analysis wills taxes payroll taxes all to make sure that you can have better financial success in the long-term. So call us or you can find is online you and also look this up on Facebook as well see some great videos of Paul Hood being interviewed on our channel 6 news works for you.

Making sure that you are better prepared so that there are no financial surprises in the upcoming year. So we know that 2020 started badly and ended badly that we do not want that to continue into this new year. So is always best to have a financial strategy that not only meets the needs of your family that can far exceed and help you look far down the line even five years into the future so that you have better planning. So choose Roundrock Texas QuickBooks certified company had company. It’s all not we do not apply the one-size-fits-all financial strategy to everybody that comes through our door. Because you are an individual you have your own need to have your own goals therefore we will treat you like an individual.

To see what we have going on here the company see how we’ve actually grown in the last two beers and helping other people find new unique goals and also identify finance also be prepared better for the future especially in retirement. So if you’re getting inching closer to that retirement age you know it’s better to be safe than sorry and be prepared. But of course it’s always best to start out early even if you’re in your 20s to begin saving up that entire retirement or getting a 401(k) savings accounts mean there’s nothing better than being prepared to never caught off guard.

To reach out to us today to see what is happening here at our accounting firm. Because we have grown exponentially in the last few years anyway continuing to grow that is why we actually had two locations in Roundrock Texas just northeast of Texas and we want to continue that growth to be able to make sure that were able to help as many people as possible during this time. So if you’re looking to transition from one accountant to another the only smooth the smooth transition that you find is transitioning over here to Hood and Associates CPAs, PC. If you also read some of our successes with other clients you can actually read their views on Google.

All that making sure that you can have the best way to contact us for services for Roundrock Texas QuickBooks certified public accountants who have the reputation of always going above and beyond for every client. In showing our appreciation to our clients every year. We do that by making sure they can at the maximum deductions as well as saving 50% off your tax preparation services every year. To see for yourself by calling 512-255-7110 or go to to learn more.

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Our main focus here at Hood and Associates CPAs, PC the premier Roundrock Texas QuickBooks certified companies helping you reach your goals. All that making sure that you are our financially six secure whether you are single person married couple or you are about to retire. It’s all about making sure that you’re able to secure your assets had better investments as well as building up that investment portfolio so that you can begin building up our accumulating that wealth as you get older set each exit can have that pot to reach in to be able to get your financial goals whether you are looking to right by your first home or you’re looking to be able to buy that new car or find me remodel your home.

That money that you saved during tech doing taxes every year can deftly go to reaching your financial goals whatever they may be. That is why here at Roundrock Texas QuickBooks certified Hood and Associates CPAs, PC we can set you on the road to financial success and that is why were offering you your one hour planning session that’s valued at $350 for free so this will be able to allow us to work with you kind of get in-depth knowledge of what you’re looking at what your strategy is or helping you build your very own strategy to be able to be more free during tax season.

So if you find us wordy and you want to know more about our broad spectrum of financial services including planning and since altering and even accounting services or maybe even helping you build your investment portfolio or do investment management for you contact us at@512-255-7110. That’s one way getting a hold of us you can also find us on Facebook there you find videos titled money Mondays where Paul Hood gets regularly interviewed every Monday and he provides you with knowledge tips and tricks to have a better financial season or talks about joint accounts getting your teenager involved in their own financial futures and so much more.

So if you need current help reaching your goals or maybe you’re not sure what even where to begin and that doing investment management or even starting your own portfolio call us today. What are the services being offered by Hood and Associates CPAs, PC? What we offer tax planning accounting services all the way to investment management and insurance analysis. It’s all Army are more only in goal is to make sure that you are financially successful.

So find out at what we are made of find out what we say is true and actually get a quote with us today. You can choose us here at premier Roundrock Texas QuickBooks certified public accountants. We are Hood and Associates CPAs, PC and we want the success of our clients to be seen and we also want you to see that success and invest in yourself and your family and your financial success. So call 512-255-7110 or go to now. Also get a quote by leaving us your name email phone number and then click submit someone on the team get a hold of you the same day.