Welcome to the Hood CPAs Mobile App Usability Testing Event!


At Hood CPAs, we’re always striving to deliver the best for our clients. Our new mobile app is no exception. Today, you’ll be a part of shaping its future by providing valuable insights into its usability, features, and overall experience.

Here’s how:

1. Get Familiar

Before diving into the actual testing, it’s essential to know what we’re aiming for. This event is designed to gather feedback about our new mobile app. By participating, you’ll be helping us evaluate its user experience, identify potential usability issues, and gather insights on its features. We’ve set up specific scenarios to guide you.

2. Be Active

Active participation is key! This isn’t just about using the app; it’s about sharing your experience. Whether you’re interacting with a specific feature or navigating the app’s general layout, your feedback will provide valuable data. With facilitators on hand, you’re encouraged to voice any questions, confusion, or opinions.

3. Share Feedback

At the end of the testing session, we’ll have a dedicated feedback and discussion segment. Here, we welcome all your thoughts — both positive and constructive. This feedback will be instrumental in our app’s refinement and improvement. Whether it’s a feature you loved or a suggestion for something that could be better, we want to hear it.


Once you have received the go-ahead, please click below to begin testing.