Accountants in Bixby | What Should You Be Seeking in an Accountant

If you are seeking Accountants in Bixby, you may be realizing that it’s time for a change when it comes to your accounting and financial management systems. Here at Hood and Associates, CPA’s, PC we are the Accountants in Bixby committed to our clients. In fact, we make sure that we are able to completely go above and beyond when it comes to helping our clients realize their financial situation. We take an extensive look under your financial hood and help determine problems that may be costing you financially or limiting your efficiency. Many clients tell us we were able to discover more problems than they ever realized they had. We provide a free consultation where we devote one hour of our time at no cost to you to go through planning session with you so you know exactly what to expect. In fact, we offer 50% off our tax prep services. This is a $350 value and we go above and beyond to make sure that we are providing value to clients just like you. Another way that we provide value to our clients is by offering a free Warren Buffett book titled, “Snowball”. We love what we do here at Hood and Associates, CPA’s, PC. It is a great honor to help clients like you when it comes to your finances in helping you uncover hidden treasures within your company that you never realized you had. This is one reason we have been featured on news Channel 6, the Tulsa world, talk 1170 radio and the Better Business Bureau.

We go above and beyond to make sure we are able to provide business owner packages for clients just like you. In fact, we offer a proactive way of accounting. It is different than any other Accountants in Bixby because we make sure that we are discovering new policies, regulations and procedures when it comes to tax planning for businesses. We have helped businesses in almost every industry. We have helped construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, telecommunication and more. In fact, no matter what type of business set up you have, we can help you with partnerships, LLCs, corporations and more.

We can even help with auditing and accounting services. Our staff here at Hood and Associates, CPA’s, PC has a combined experience level of over 65 years in auditing. We actually help develop and accounting system committed to you. We can help you with your general ledger accounts as well as your regular financial reporting. We go above and beyond to make sure we develop a system that truly does work for you. When we develop a system and you actually stick to that system, you can be prepared for any audit at any point.

We can help you with tax returns as well. We offer help for the IRS and we can proactively make sure we are keeping up with all the changes to make sure we provide any deductions that are presented to your company that you may not know about.

Give us a call at Hood and Associates, CPA’s, PC when you dial Tulsa, (918) 747-7000, Bartlesville, (918) 336-7600, Claremore, (918) 341-1930. We also encourage you to contact our website at