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The Best CPAs Bixby has to offer only a call away when you seek the services today. Here at Hood and Associates, CPA’s, PC, we are committed to make sure that we transform your accounting procedure from the rearview your to the front dash in your vehicle. We will help look under the financial hood and discover problem is that you never knew existed. We look under the financial hood and break every piece of your financial systems apart, we can help you develop a better system that prevents problems in the future. You can learn much from your financials when you seek the services of the experts. In fact, The Best CPAs Bixby provides actually offers a free consultation. That’s right! At no cost to you, we will take one hour out of our day to plan your accounting processes during a session to expose exactly what is wrong with your financials and our plan to fix it. The best part is you never have to pay at the time for your free consultation. In fact, our text prep services are actually 50% more affordable than competitors. We are currently offering 50% off on tax prep services at a $350 value. In addition, you will receive a gift when you walk in the building. We will provide you with a free Warren Buffett book “snowball”. Not only will you receive a 350 value when you seek our services, but the information you gain from one of the world’s greatest minds in finance is priceless. This is our gift to you to help you get all of your affairs in order when it comes to your accounting and financial system. Find out why we been featured in the news on six, the Tulsa world, talk 1170 radio and the Better Business Bureau. We go above and beyond for our clients and we are recognized in every way for that.

The Best CPAs Bixby has ever seen offers business owner packages and a proactive accounting method to help clients just like you. Whether you need help with your financials or regular tax planning, we can help you with that. No matter what industry you are in, we have accounting and financial system solutions. For example, we have helped clients in construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, telecommunications, and more. We help partnerships, LLCs, corporations and more. No matter what type of business package you need, we have you covered.

We can even help with tax returns. We have worked with the IRS for many years and we take a proactive approach in keeping up with ever-changing policies, rules and updates the IRS imposes relating to tax returns. This is a way that we take a proactive approach in helping you better yourself financially.

When it comes to auditing and accounting, we have a combined experience level of over 65 years. This is over 65 years of knowledge attacking any type of audit that you may need. We can help you develop and accounting system that truly works. Whether you need help with your general ledger or your regular financials, we have the solution for you.

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