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Financial & Accounting Workshop

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Next workshop: By invitation only
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Take a day to work on your business, engage with other successful business owners and plan your accelerated path to success. Business owners and entrepreneurs: You do not want to miss this event!

The financial accounting workshop will provide the opportunity to work ON your business, learning from experts in how to define your key numbers, setting up monitoring procedures, improving tax deductions, and knowing how to be more proactive in your accounting practices and procedures.


While surrounded by other REAL ENTREPRENEURS, you can ask any business questions you have.

The day will be filled with speakers, accounting education, brain exercises, and engaging conversations in all the areas in which we’re experts: tax, accounting, entrepreneurship, investment vehicles, and advisement.

for more information or to RSVP to our invitation.

What guests can expect:

45-minute coaching “sprints” broken up by 15-minute breaks – We focus on action-packed 45-minute sessions that are broken up for 15-minute breaks so each person has a chance to take notes, get questions answered, use the facilities, etc.

Interactive format (all attendees questions get answered) – Paul Hood, owner and founder of is passionate about making sure each guest of the workshop can get their business questions answered so if you have a question, you can write it on the board and they go through each question asked and make sure to break them all down. 

Tangible workbooks – Each guest will receive a copy of Paul Hood’s “A Look Under the Hood” workbook to take home after the conference.

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